“After downloading three of the training downloads that I thought would be most useful for me and Herman to work on, I would just like to say after listening to making the right connection and riding the circle of contact I then decided to use some of these techniques with Herman today, (it might be said that schooling is not my favourite thing but Herman benefits from spending time in the school).
I can truly say in the past we might of ended up having a bit of an argument about accepting the contact but using the techniques suggested in the downloads, there was no resistance to the contact and I felt he worked much more rounded and relaxed and I could really feel him placing his inside leg right under himself on corners. I actually enjoyed the time in the school today and I can’t wait to have another session :0)”

Nadine, Lancashire

“I found your circle of contact download one of the most useful things ever!! Although it was basic it has helped so much. I also found Amy Stovold’s developing pushing power really helpful (I got 7s for my canter loops at elem the day after I rode that download). I still need to work on riding him in a more forward trot- he finds it hard to balance so reverts to the thoroughbred shuffle with no movement behind the saddle! However I need to mix it up with more ‘interesting’ movement to keep his attention!
I struggle to have regular lessons because I work stupid hours (I’m a vet) so i usually ride at 8pm at night so I really find the downloads focus me.”

Jenny Towers

Horse & Hound review of iRide: By very kind permission of Alice Collins and Horse & Hound, we are delighted to attach below the review of iRide from the 2nd February 2012 edition.

“I downloaded Isobel Wessels’ Warming up and Working Through last night and listened to it on the train to work this morning, and I wanted to pop you a quick note as it is simply the best training/advice/help I think I have ever heard!
I have struggled with a warm up and training routine for years and constantly asked my trainers for help which has never really been explicit! For the first time in a long time I can’t wait to finish work and ride – I really feel like I have a plan now and know what I am going to do and how I am going to set about achieving it!”

Sarah, Warming Up and Working Through

“I’ve been really pleased with the training downloads so far, they are clear, well explained and well timed, and my horse and I seem to be benefiting, so thanks very much!
Many thanks.”

Soulla, Riding the Circle of Contact & Balanced Canter Transitions

“That was brilliant! The walk part was spot on, engaged his bottom so much, trot was HUGE, massive and bouncy so need a bit more practice with the second half… bloody loved it!!!”
Carly, Riding the Circle of Contact

“iRide training downloads helped us over come our resistance issues, I have now managed to create a relaxed light horse who works happily with no grudges!”
Harriet Mercer, Group 5 BD Rider.

“With Alison Short’s guidance through Lengthened Strides in Trot we remained 100% more focused than working on our own. The key points on posture, positioning and preparation enabled me to achieve a greater connection through my seat, improving my horse’s way of going.”
Alison Jones, Group 7 BD Rider.

“What a brilliant idea! With my budget down to a lesson a month this is going to be a valuable tool to help me improve through the days spent training at home.”
Anna Chalmers, Group 8 BD Rider BE Pre-novice.

“Having ridden to The Circle of Contact and Perfecting your Centre Lines I could clearly understand the instructions and they where cleverly worded from the riders point of view. Tallulah is quiet heavy in the hand especially as she has had little work for two years due to injury, and she is built rather downhill! It wasn’t long before I was trotting down the three quarter lines with her really light in the rein, I learnt to stop adjusting my contact between walk and trot and made some really good progress. So, I am impressed and will be looking forward to the Balanced Canter Transitions, (I was even inspired to move away my poles and Le Trec obstacles in preparation for riding to them again the next day). I believe these downloads are perfect for people like myself who have limited access to trainers due to our rural location.”
Ursula Robinson, Dyfed Wales.