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Maximising Your Marks – BE 102 (Alison Short)

Maximising Your Marks - BE 102

BD judge Alison Short guides you through BE 102, movement by movement, to help maximise your marks.
No more silly mistakes and loss of marks for inaccuracies and a valuable tool to learn your test with, now you won’t just remember where you’re going but how you’re going to ride each movement… genius!

(Length: 30 mins)

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This series will help you to know what the judge is looking for giving you tips on positioning for each movement.
Alison discusses how to develop a supple balanced picture with tips on placing transitions whilst entering a corner rather than exiting, creating quality walk trot transitions and riding 10 metre loops accurately with suppleness.
An invaluable tool for any competitor riding this test! Watch this space for more BE tests to come.

Price: £4.99

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