This section contains downloads that work towards greater levels of collection and cadence in the trot, encouraging engagement of the hind quarters, lightening of the forehand and enabling the more challenging advanced movements to be performed. With greater differences between the paces, collection and extension the work can begin towards the half steps in trot, leading to passage and later piaffe. The lateral work now becomes more established moving through shoulder-in, travers, renvers and half pass. The moment of suspension in canter, now being increased through various exercises leads nicely into the flying changes and canter pirouettes.

Simple Steps to Long and Low (Alison Short)

Simple Steps to Long and Low

Working long and low is frequently talked about but too often assumed that every rider can achieve it!
With exercises for all types of combinations, Alison discusses straightness, rider's posture and correct aiding, and with clever analogies, develops a partnership that works long and low through a supple back and with the horse's shoulder staying up.

(Length: 45 mins)

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Working Long and low correctly helps to develop elasticity through the horse's body attaining a looseness to the paces whilst remaining in balance. Common mistakes are covered such as lowering the neck with the hands and pushing your horse onto the forehand.
Alison breaks down the correct aiding to create a horse with a supple body that steps through to the rein elastically, with a shoulder that stays up.
If you have enjoyed The Circle of Contact and Making the Right Connection, this is truly your next step to enhancing the paces and gaining another huge tool in your training box!
This download also covers the correct giving and retaking of the reins, half halts through moments of collection in trot and various suppling exercises suitable for all levels.
Pair this download with The Circle of Contact and Making the Right Connection and you will see huge improvements in your postural awareness and effective aiding.

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