The Circle of Contact (Alison Short)

The Circle of Contact

Our best seller to date gives an introduction into the subtle communication through the contact, taking you step by step through the rein aids for suppleness and better sensory reactions to the horses mouth.

(Length: 47 mins, version 2, 2012)

Exploring both you and your horse's understanding of the rein aids, their subtle requests and the ability of the rider to maintain an elastic feel to the rein through walk and trot exercises.
A must for any rider wishing to develop feel and an ideal for the young horse to learn how to work confidently to the rein, as well as the older or stiff horse who has become less submissive to the contact.
Helps to reduce resistance; hollowing, mouth open, leaning, lacking connection, unsteadiness in the contact, tongue issues and loss of balance (through circles turns, lateral work and transitions.)
Pair this best selling download with “Making the Right Connection” and you will revolutionise your sensory aid awareness between you and your horse, creating a light subtle feel to your partnership!

Price: £7.99

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