Making the Right Connection (Alison Short)

Making the Right Connection

This detailed download helps you create the right connection giving you unique exercises with insightful comparisons, guiding you through transitions and sensory aid reactions.

(Length: 40 mins)

If you have enjoyed Alison’s detailed downloads you won’t be disappointed by her sixth release for iRide, “Making the Right Connection”.
This download will enhance every combination at what ever level with unique exercises focused on containment of energy, enhanced balance and creating a supple round back, this is a real gem.
Starting from correct aiding from walk halt walk, tips on extending and collecting the walk along with developing the half halting aid that is carried through all paces and levels of training.
This is a must have download with detailed analogies giving you the inspiration and confidence to succeed!
Pair this download with “Balanced Canter Transitions” and you will truly improve your core stability, enhancing your horse to take more weight onto his hind legs and developing greater engagement.
Every time you listen to this download you will glean another useful training tip, “Making the Right Connection” will be one you will return to again and again.

Price: £7.99

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