Logical Lateral Work (Part 2) – Shoulder In (Alison Short)

Logical Lateral Work (Part 2) - Shoulder In

Shoulder In and Shoulder Fore are both discussed and incorporated into a series of movements by linking 10m circles and short diagonal lines.

(Length: 36 mins)

Keeping it simple is the key for all lateral work and Alison has a knack of leading you towards your goals with fabulous results.
With clear visual pointers and a check list for postural corrections and there positive effects this is a must in your download library, leading you gently towards (part 3) Travers!
There is a real one-on-one personal feel to this session, with Alison capturing all those small errors that often occur and giving you moments to pause and asses how effective your aiding is and what bad habits can creep in. Alison’s enthusiasm leaves you with a real sense of achievement and a confidence to move forward to part 3 of the series.
Pair this with Making the Right Connection.

Price: £7.99

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