Logical Lateral Work (Part 3) – Travers (Alison Short)

Logical Lateral Work (Part 3) - Travers

Leading you confidently through clear and clever exercises Alison guides to your first steps of travers.

Pre-travers exercises help you to perfect correct aid responses and give you clear visual checks as you ride, this inspiring lesson gives you the confidence to take the next step to (Part 4) half passes

(Length: 35 mins)

Alison never fails to give you confidence to take a step up when often you can feel confused by how to ride the various lateral movements.
With clear descriptions of aiding, pre-movement exercises and visual images of how your horse should respond you will soon be able to identify your own issues and rectify them.
Starting in walk Alison shares some of her unique techniques encouraging you and you horse to create supple bend and move laterally into the direction of the bend, something that is often over complicated or assumed that you understand.
For those more advanced this covers why the rhythm often is lost in the half passes, helping develop lateral work with suppleness power and reach.

Price: £7.99

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