Logical Lateral Work (Part 1) – Leg Yield (Alison Short)

Logical Lateral Work (Part 1) - Leg Yield

Whether taking your first few sideways steps or checking your correct positioning for the leg yield, this download is invaluable.

(Length: 30 mins)

Alison takes you step by step through a series of exercises and training patterns to develop aid reactions and correct postural positioning. Working through each exercise in walk and then trot you will soon find yourself riding effortless leg yields both directions, both towards and away from the track. With this being the first download in the Logical lateral Work series you will be chomping at the bit for part 2, Shoulder In.
Too often lateral work is introduced and the aiding and positioning becomes a muddle. Through Alison’s easily digestible and enthusiastic sessions you have all the help and support you need to ride perfect leg yields, helping you to develop equality to bend and straightness on both reins as a result.
Pair this with Alison's "The Circle of Contact".

Price: £7.99

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