Lengthened Strides in Trot (Alison Short)

Lengthened Strides in Trot

Giving clear exercises to encourage you and your horse to develop the pushing power needed to develop lengthened strides in trot.

(Length: 27 mins)

Through the use of 10 metre circles, gaining more control of your horse’s engine (the hind legs), this download will leave you with a clearer understanding of true lengthening of the trot, not running through the bridle and onto the forehand.
With use of various exercises your upward and downward transitions within the pace will correctly develop, making clear and balanced transitions helping you gain the higher marks.
Pair this download with Amy Stovolds ” Developing Pushing Power” to help you maintain more weight on your horses hind legs, helping you move up from Prelim to Novice. Both these downloads are easy to follow, helping horses and ponies whatever their scope or ability.
Both these downloads enhance the transitions to a greater level, equally for the more established combination.

Price: £7.99

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