Hairy Hopefuls Part 4 (Alison Short)

Hairy Hopefuls Part 4

This is the fourth of the Your Horse Hairy Hopeful series, Channeling Enthusiasum.

Alison covers two exercises to help you make use of your horses power and enthusisum, the first is lengthened strides in trot, then moving onto simple changes in canter. Pair this download with Balanced Canter Transitions or Making the Right Connection and you will be sure to create a better harmony through these exercises.

(Length: 20 mins)

Working precisely through clever exercises for better self carriage and balance, Alison will soon have you channeling your horse's enthusiasum.
With a personalble and detailed descriptions on straightening leading to balanced medium trot strides, Alison has you moving on and back with smooth transitions.
If your horse needs calm consistant aids in his canter work to keep control of his power, you will love the canter exercises using half ten meter circles, working on simple changes canter,walk,canter. Whether you working towards your first few medium steps or progressing to elementary you will gain some fabulous tips.

Price: £7.99

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