Balanced Canter Transitions (Alison Short)

Balanced Canter Transitions

Working through walk and trot transitions with detailed instruction on posture, through to basic sitting trot helping you achieve effortless canter transitions.

(Length: 31 mins)

A detailed yet progressive guide to riding precise effortless canter transitions.
Guided step by step through transitions from walk to trot developing better leg aid reactions, through to improving your sitting trot in the lead up to canter.
This download is thorough, yet easy to digest with clear exercises highlighting the need for preparation prior to canter transitions. Improving combined balance and harmony through creating better rider body awareness and understanding its positive effects. Encouraging greater use of the horse’s engine by bringing more weight back onto the hind legs.
Pair this download with “Making the Right Connection” and you will have a true understanding of enhanced balance and engagement, feeling your way into balanced transitions. With clear detailed postural awareness these download’s develop greater core stability and aid the horse to work with a supple rounder back, developing hind leg engagement.

Price: £7.99

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