iRide Celebrates its 2nd Birthday with MP3 Package

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Since iRide’s launch in November 2011 we have sold downloadable audio lessons all over the world.

Up until now you where guided through the purchasing process with many of our less confident customers using the sample download to become familiar with the downloading process. Here at iRide our main objective is to provide quality affordable training to everyone.

Now for the first time you can purchase a Sony Walkman mp3 player pre-loaded with downloads.

Released in time for Christmas 2013 this quality product includes:

  • * Sony mp3 player (model NWZ-B172)
  • * Earphones
  • * Two of our best selling downloads from national trainer Alison Short
    • “Riding the Circle of Contact”
    • “Making the Right Connection”
  • * iRide-branded fleece headband that fits snugly under your hat, securing your earphones as well as keeping your ears warm!
  • * Reusable packaging for return postage download updates

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter, now everyone can join in the iRide “Love Training” experience.

Why not post your mp3 back to us for newly purchased downloads to be added… simple!

For product details, click here.

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