Fit to ride?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

With many of us not wanting to spend large parts of our busy lives working out in the gym, is it possible to find an effective way to keep fit in short bursts?

Having recently watched a programme on interval training I have incorporated a brief workout into my morning or evening stables.

My yard has a width of 20 metres and I sprint across it 10 times then rest for 2 minutes and repeat.

I also have my trusty Ab Cruncher at the yard and do fifty knees up crunches, followed by then twisting my legs over to one side and completing another fifteen, repeating on the other side.

Having like most riders suffered some back problems I find maintaining my core strength invaluable. I finish off with pelvic lifts and tilts while still laying ( usually on a stable rug) with my knees up.

This routine is often disrupted by Scooby, our jack russell, who leaps on me!

All this only meters from our boundary foot path often leads to a few giggles from passers by! I don’t look like Twiggy but it helps me keep “fit to ride.”

~ A L Short ~

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