Download Guide

Products maybe purchased by either PayPal, or by credit or debit card.

The purchasing process is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose… Browse the categories on the left side menu, and click the “Add To Basket” button on each of those you would like to buy. You can read more information by clicking “More Details” to help you decide.
  2. Check your basket… When you have chosen your products, check your shopping basket by clicking “Checkout” on the top menu bar. On this page, you can remove products if you wish, or go back to the categories to add more. Enter your discount coupon code if you have one. Then click “Update” to make sure you see the final price for your purchases.
  3. Tell us who you are… When you are happy with your choices, scroll down the page to enter your email address and name. Please take care to enter your email address accurately as this will be used to send you a purchasing receipt with the download links for your products.
  4. Choose how to pay… Next, select which payment method you wish to use. For credit/debit card, be careful to enter the information correctly. This information will not be stored on our site and is only sent to your bank.
  5. The T&Cs and purchase… Read the Terms and Conditions and, if you agree to them, click the checkbox and click the “Purchase” button.
  6. Payment… The site now completes the transaction through your chosen payment gateway. For PayPal, the gateway will ask for your PayPal login details. For credit/debit card, your bank may ask additional details.
    IMPORTANT: With PayPal, once you have reviewed your order, clicked “Pay Now” and seen the “Thanks for your order” page, you should click “Return to Equiweb UK Ltd” to proceed to the next step.
  7. Finished… Once the transaction is complete, you will return to the iRide website and see the Transaction Results page. This includes download links to your products.
  8. Now download… For each product, you can now download the file to your computer. Most computers will enable this by right-clicking the mouse over the link, then clicking “Save Target As…”. Choose where you want to store it. You may store them to your computer’s harddisk and transfer them to your iPod, MP3 player of mobile phone later. Alternatively, you can download them straight to your device if it is already connected to your computer.
    Apple Mac users: To download the file, press and hold the Ctrl and click the mouse button while pointing to the link, then click “Download Linked File”.

Additional notes

Variations in download procedure: Please note that exact details of how to transfer files to your device may vary. iPods tend to use Apple iTunes, while generic MP3 players can use direct USB mass data transfer. Most mobile phones support direct USB mass data transfer, or enable transferring using their own PC software that would have been supplied with the device or is available from the manufacturer’s website.

Purchase receipt email: You will receive a purchase receipt by email which also includes the download links. Click these links and you should see options to open or save the files. You can keep this email for as long as needed to fetch your files. However, we strongly recommend you download them immediately you receive them (from the website or the email) and store them on your computer for future reference.

Trouble shooting: If you have trouble downloading your purchases, please check the FAQ page. If you still have problems, please contact us.