Can iRide ridden audio lessons help me?

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Whether you have an expendable budget for regular training, you’re fortunate enough to be on training livery or are established at your level, audio training is a proven tool to lift your training to a new level.

“Back in 2011 when we first launched iRide Training we where constantly asked, ‘How can this be individual to me and my horses needs?’, Says co-director and dressage coach Alison Short.

“Our answer was always the same, achieving a greater harmony with you and your horse requires you to look within yourself, to perfect your feel for timing and knowledge of using certain exercises at certain times.”

Alison continues, “iRide has chosen carefully it’s trainers and their specific techniques for teaching, for example the postural corrections that Amy (Stovold) makes are so precise and easy to understand, it’s as if she is standing in the arena with you.”

iRide has certainly proved itself amongst it technical counter parts, having recently been awarded “Best Technology in a Single Sport” at the 2014 Sports Technology Awards, beating global tennis giants Wilson.

“We believe in giving everyone in the equestrian world the chance to find a clear, informed training path that complements each horse and rider as an individual” , says co-director Simon Hughes.

“We often see partnerships of horse, rider and trainer attain a certain level but with a different angle of training their results lift. As an example, a different exercise or simple postural correction that enhances the energy and balance in the canter, will then raise the marks in these movements.”

Simon and Alison are keen to support the development of both horse and rider to help them succeed both mentally and physically, with a variety of non ridden audio sessions.

“World Class has reaped much success in this way with two of iRides trainers, Sarah Millis and Amy Stovold both having ridden International Grand Prix under the World Class flag. We are keen to provide a hub of knowledge to riders of all levels and too often we assume that people know about the fit of their saddle, or the bit their horse is in.” Says Simon.

Sports psychologist Danielle Olding has had many successes in the sporting world, helping her clients overcome competition nerves, developing equine and human relationships or goal setting to help keep to achievable targets. iRide is proud to host Danielle’s audio sessions at £3.99 being introduced to her by Amy Stovold.

Non-ridden downloads for saddle fitting, bitting, a guided tour of the horses mouth and a full hands-on warm up for your horse from Osteopath, Liz Oakenfold are part of the support iRide believes is necessary to identify areas of weakness to move your “team” forward.

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